The New Standard of Excellence
Wolf Cinema

Wolf Cinema is dedicated to producing the finest professional grade projectors available on the market. Wolf’s DCX line of projectors stands for professional Digital Cinema-like quality, powered by industrial-strength Xenon lamps known for their long life and reliability. Reliability is a core value for Wolf, with each component hand selected based on its solidity and reliability and the entire system being brought together using the highest standards, including sophisticated cooling methods that are years ahead of the rest of the industry.

Lightspeed Light Engines

Our light engines were developed by the same engineers that dominate the professional theater market. These specific chassis are the closest relatives to their true commercial units and were developed with long term reliability in mind.

Xenon is to UHP as Sunlight is to Candlelight

Most consumer-grade projectors utilize a type of lamp known as a UHP lamp. Originally developed for the corporate boardroom presentation market, performance of these lamps has become good over the years, but cannot compete with Xenon for either color accuracy or longevity. Xenon is the manmade light source closest to the spectral distribution of natural sunlight. Natural in light quality, there is a reason why Xenon has been exclusively specified in both optical film projectors and professional digital cinema projectors for the past decade. Wolf DCX projectors make exclusive use of Xenon for the same reasons; they provide the most color-accurate light source available.

Long Lamp Life

An additional benefit of Xenon lamps is their extended life. When properly specified in consultation with a Wolf technician, Xenon can last substantially longer. Not only will it last longer, but Xenon also looks better and retains more of its brightness throughout its life. While it is not uncommon for a standard consumer-grade projector to have its image quality and brightness degrade by as much as 40% in the first few hundred hours, Wolf Cinema’s professional quality lamps can last 2-3 times as long as UHP lamps and will retain superior image quality and evenness of performance throughout their lives.

Automatic Lamp Intensity Adjustment

Beyond Xenon’s inherent superiority, all Wolf DCX chassis employ a dedicated Lamp Intensity circuit. This circuit continually compensates electrically for minute changes on the illuminating surface of the lamp. By doing so, we ensure the highest quality picture over the longest possible time.

Power is Everything

Perhaps not everything, but control over power is a very useful thing. Wolf DCX projectors feature a widely variable power output for the lamp—yet another benefit of Xenon. A properly-specified Wolf projector will allow for a Wolf to run close to its lowest power setting, virtually idling along. This produces both maximum longevity and the greatest degree of control over dynamic lighting conditions. Wish to watch a movie in the middle of the day with the blinds partially drawn, but just don’t want the cooped-up feel of shutting out all light? Simply have your calibrator pre-program your system to offer a daytime viewing setting, this will power up the Wolf to maximum power and enjoy the viewing. Want to watch a premier sporting event and need your film projector to become the biggest, brightest flat panel television your friends have ever seen? The Wolf Power Lamp control allows
for instant transformation.

Filmic Performance

The performance goals for Wolf Cinema, from inception, were to produce the most natural appearing projectors possible. While others strive simply to attain high quality video performance, Wolf engineers looked at the purest form of the visual entertainment arts—film—and sought to build much of film’s attributes into each Wolf DCX projector. Thus it is that you will find custom gamma curves that better deliver the look of film. Gamma is a term used to describe an electrical compensation curve not unlike that achieved in audio via equalization. This equalization is necessary to accurately transfer image quality from the initial camera—whether film or digital—to the final output via projector. Our engineers measured film gamma curves and imported them into each Wolf projector; the result is spectacularly natural looking. There’s even a gamma curve for black and white film, which is separate and distinct from color film! We employ the term “filmic” to describe this special attribute of Wolf.

Top Flight Motorized Optical Lenses

Wolf DCX projectors use the most expensive, highest quality lenses available. They are typically 2-4 grades better than even the best of the competitors’ and are far costlier as a result. Our lenses have the highest quality, fastest thermal “set” available. In plain English, this means that Wolf DCX lenses warm up within minutes and are in razor sharp focus for the entire duration of a feature film. Some competitor’s lenses have been documented by experts to require almost the full length of a movie before they have thermally stabilized and are in focus.

In addition to excellent thermal stability, Wolf DCX lenses feature proprietary optical coatings that are partly responsible for the extraordinary image quality and color accuracy. These coatings, developed by George Tsintzouras, are critical to final image quality and are not available on any other home theater projector. Lenses are available to span a broad range of throw distances from 1.4–6.0 times your application’s screen width.

Variscope™ Produces Multiple Aspect Ratios

Did you know that over 60% of all films made were shot in 1.85:1 aspect ratio? Yet no one but Wolf can deliver this aspect ratio without either imposing black bars top-and-bottom or digitally stretching the image. When properly sited, and let us be clear, placement becomes critical to deliver this benefit, Wolf DCX projectors using our motorized lens Variscope™ technology can deliver 16:9, 1.85, 2.35, 2.4 and numerous other aspect ratios directly through the unbelievably high precision primary lens. Other projectors deliver television-specific aspect ratios only (typically 16:9), and require an expensive additional lens to deliver even a single additional film aspect ratio. Variscope motorized performance is accurate repeatedly to placement within 1/2 of a single pixel.

Constant Height, Just Like the Theater

Wolf DCX delivers exactly what the most discerning of videophiles want; huge, richly vibrant images delivered over the entirety of the screen from top-to-bottom. When used with a high quality wide aspect ratio screen (Wolf advocates the use of the highest possible quality in screens, this is not a place to scrimp), your Wolf projector can deliver the aspect ratios listed above in true full screen height. This means that the grander the scale of film you watch, the larger the image will be, precisely as in movie theaters.

When used with an appropriate constant height screen equipped with electrical masking, your Wolf DCX can be integrated with a control system to allow seamless one-touch experiences whereby the screen and projector will automatically re-size themselves to the desired aspect ratio setting.

Multiple Memories

Up to 98 separate memories can be set within a DCX to allow for such differences as multiple aspect ratios, daytime (filtered light) viewing, black and white film settings, sports television and a host of other desirable viewing options. It is the remarkable capacity of the primary computer residing inside each DCX that allows for rapid access of these capabilities. When directed by a knowledgeable integrator who is experienced in RS-232 code writing, the viewing enjoyment possibilities are virtually endless.

Variscope Ultra™

In addition to standard Variscope, Wolf offers the finest quality optional anamorphic lens. This lens is sourced from Germany, long known for their high quality optics, and has a proprietary Wolf motorized computer-controlled movement that is fully integrated into the logic of the Wolf scaler and projector. This lens should be used for one of the two following reasons:

For advanced film aficionados, this allows for rare ultra-wide aspect ratios beyond 2:4:1 such as Cinemascope™ to be properly reproduced. Wolf DCX projectors, when equipped with Variscope Ultra, can reproduce aspect ratios up to 2.7:1 in all their glory. When used with a 2.6 or 2.7 aspect ratio screen, your Wolf projector will reproduce these magnificent films from the 60’s and 70’s in full screen
height and width.

Additionally, some installations may not allow for ideal placement of a Wolf projector to allow full operation of standard Variscope (constant height, multiple aspect ratio performance). Variscope Ultra greatly expands projector placement options and results in what may be the most flexible platform available today.

Live Long, Stay Cool

Proper cooling and ventilation is critical to the long life of any projector—even moreso when a unit is going to be tucked into a soffit or small projection room. i-Box™ is an innovative, high quality sealed metal plenum that draws in cool ambient air, forces it through a complex routing of internal chambers that keeps the projector’s critical components cool, then evacuates hot exhaust
air out through a duct.

Other large projectors typically rely on using the original supplier’s internal fans—possibly sufficient when placed out in the open, but woefully inadequate when tucked away in a soffit or softbox. DCX projectors, because of their Xenon lamps, produce more heat than a typical small consumer-grade unit. i-Box allows for a DCX to be tucked unobtrusively away in a cabinet, projection closet, or soffit where noise and heat can be dealt with out of sight and out of earshot. The large capacity blower fan that pressurizes the unit can be remotely mounted for maximum quietness. Every DCX projector arrives encased in an I-Box for proper ventilation.

Numerous routing options for fan and duct placement are possible, please consult with a Wolf technician on available options for your installation.

Live Life Large with a Wolf Scaler

We’re proud of the Wolf scaler that features 6 HDMI inputs as well as analog component inputs and thoughtfully includes HDMI audio output. Connect up to 6 digital sources and route a single HDMI output to your audio processor. Our scaler works seamlessly with the massive main computer in a DCX projector; it not only processes video at a level that would have been unimaginable just a few short years ago, but also executes the seamless command structure that provides for all the aspect ratio features the projector offers.

Which Wolf Cinema projector is right for you?

While all Wolf DCX projectors benefit from the same high quality and careful construction, we receive many calls and e-mails regarding model-specific applications. Namely, when does the step up to a DCX-1000i or
DCX-1500i merit consideration?

Briefly, a number of factors enter into consideration when determining which Wolf projector model in which to invest; screen size, screen material, ambient light conditions and dynamic lighting requirements.

Screen Size: For screens between 8’ and 11’ horizontal screen width, we strongly recommend the 500i. Between 11’ and 15’ the DCX-1000i is recommended and for screens from 15’ to 20’, the DCX-1500i is appropriate.

Screen Material: A number of high quality screens exist—do not skimp on your screen investment, as picture quality will suffer. If you have detailed questions please do not hesitate to call Wolf Cinema to discuss your screen needs. In general, it is possible to say that we recommend the best possible screen quality, generally preferring screens that produce the most accurate image and color over those that emphasize screen gain.

Ambient Light Conditions: Ambient lighting conditions can have a profound effect on perceived contrast and color depth. Particularly as the screen size recommendations approach an interim limit (such as 15’ for a DCX-1000i), it is important to consult with a Wolf consultant regarding projector application.

Dynamic Lighting Requirements: Dynamic lighting needs, such as the desire to watch a film with lights on at a substantial level will have an impact on projector recommendation. Much like ambient lighting, any light added into a room can result in the need for greater light output from your Wolf projector. Since one of the critical goals for Wolf is long and reliable life, we specify our projectors to run comfortably within their heat range during normal operation. It may be necessary to move up one projector class for situations that require occasional moderate
dynamic light conditions.







DCL-200FD LED Projector


SDC-25 LED Projector














ProScaler MK II


ProScaler MK V


Wolf Xenon versus UHP

The high quality Xenon lamp (shown in high impact, thermally stable blue mineral-filled nylon case) from a DCX-1000i immediately identifies itself as substantially different from,and much more expensively produced, than a standard UHP lamp shown for comparisonís sake. Importantly, while a Xenon lamp is inherently more expensive, it will outlast a common UHP lamp and look fantastic throughout its life in a Wolf, due in equal parts to its inherent superiority and to the lamp intensity function built into every Wolf that adjusts voltage throughout the life of the lamp to keep it performing optimally.

Size (and Quality) Matters

This photo shows a comparison of an actual competitorís lens that sells just one price class below the WOLF DCX-500i and is shown here in a similar throw distance. Beyond the apparent difference in sheer scale, the quality of optics is dramatically superior in the Wolf lens. The Wolf lens features much larger, finer and more accurate teeth in the motorized drive allowing for great precision when semi- automatically adjusting from one aspect ratio to another is just one of the secrets to Wolf's incredible performance.